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Ways of Working scientifically
(Education Queensland accredited program)
Energy and Change
Forces and Motion
Earth in Space
Matter and Materials
Water Science
Weather Science
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Looking for an entertaining and educational show that involves children and can help you meet your curriculum requirements?  As a qualified science education expert, with over 11 years experience in educational settings from kindergartens, primary schools, and tertiary, I have a number of high quality science shows and hands on science workshops for schools. Whether to introduce a new topic, or as a reward for a hard working class, your students will love a visit from DrJoe.

Program details
Ways of Working
So just what IS science? We’ll be going on an exciting journey of testing ideas, experimentation and observation as we explore the world of SCIENCE. Explore the coloured fire, cryogenic materials, and find out what happens when you mix hydrogen with oxygen in the air… a p- 7 science show
**fully accredited with education queensland**

Energy and Change
This highly successful show is aimed at students years 5 - 8. We discuss energy transfer and transforming, and how the laws of thermodynamics affect each and every one of us. This leads into a discussion on energy conservation. Students have hands on time (which can take the form of an inquiry based activity I call the question quest) where students explore forms and uses of energy from everyday.

Forces and motion
An entertaining show which explores the phenomenon of forces and motion. Discuss how we create motion using forces, and forces from all kinds of energy. Great for upper year levels and lower year levels alike!

Earth and Space
Go on an amazing imagination journey to the planets of the solar System with DrJoe! Learn what you need to live in outer space, discover the history of the solar system, and explore the night sky in the starhouse! See through real telescope, unearth a fossil like a real palaeontologist, and bounce around the sun ball! Space science is lots of fun with DrJoe’s Space show!

Matter and Materials
Make it Matter with this fun and engaging science show about the properties of materials! Complete with hands on science workshops.

Weather Science
DrJoes weather show challenges what we take for granted about the almost magical properties of air and the weather. Students will engage in scientific thinking as they attempt to explain the air powered rocket, the uncrushable bottle, and make a cloud in a bottle. Learn about air pressure, clouds, and tornadoes. A fun and informative show for children of all ages.

Water Science

The water science show is an amazing look at something we take for granted every day, but need to stay alive even for one minute! Have fun, and get involved, as we explore ideas about conservation, physics of water, and what this amazing stuff is made of!

Custom Built Programs
Stuck on friction, burnt out on energy? Dr Joe is happy to help out with those topics you love the least! Dr Joe will make the any topic exciting with engaging, entertaining educational science programs for school and preschools. Complete with worksheets and teacher helper booklet (f requested).


Booking information
On the day I request a single room to work from due to the large amount of equipment that I bring. The room requires working power points and good ventilation: air conditioning is highly recommended. Usually a normal classroom will suffice. I move all the chairs out, put the tables in five stations around the room, and leave the center for children to sit on the floor. Needless to say, I require a teacher present at all times. Parents are very welcome at all my shows, and up to 4 grown up helpers are recommended (but by no means necessary, especially in upper primary school levels). Please do not schedule any fire drills on the day.

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